Interim Support – Board Level to Part Qualified Accountant

Highly qualified interim team experienced in Senior Finance and Performance roles, working with:

  • Boards
  • Governing bodies
  • Stakeholders

Other operational partners Supporting the organisation in its strategic financial and operational targets.

Reporting to Board, Finance and Performance, Capital Investment, Audit and Quality Committees.

Designing and setting up performance reporting formats to monitor achievement against quality and performance targets. This includes balanced scorecard visuals for Performance, Quality, Workforce and Finance.

Engaging stakeholders in strategic changes to service provision. Negotiating with other operational partners to:

  • prepare joint bids for new services;
  • pool resources to achieve better and more efficient services.

Preparing detailed business cases for external negotiation, involving operational and corporate staff.

Foursight are able to provide interim support at all levels on a flexible basis (part or full time) to ensure maximum efficiency.

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